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  1. Why Ask Why

From the album Religion

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Why ask Why (table of contents) (mp3)

Wait a minute le’me reach into my pocket book
Check my reflection daddy you deserve a second look
Cuz I said it
And I meant it
I'm good at getting what I want your no exception
No chatter chat don't ask how often do I come here
I’ll be the brain you be the body that I’ll conquer
Take the bait it’s time to play
All your favorite fantasies are waiting to be made
I can not wait to see How you
Look on top of me

Why ask why
Do you
But Maybe you should come home with me
Why ask why
Do you
But Maybe you should come home with me

Slip out the door and take a cab to 3rd and Peachtree
A private dance for you don’t worry boo its on me
Serve me like, I’m crown on ice
Double shot dont get too hot you got me here all night
Ooo You deserve a view
How I look on top of you

I’m aggravated biting on my lip look at the time you taking
Could be used on you and I love making
But boy you playin
Why you playin
Look at me seriously
Think about it
Sweat all drippin down my chest oh boy you got me
I put on my best baby
You can do the rest for me
Grab me on my hips daddy
Pull me back into your body
Ah, ah, oooo
Go go superman
Do it like nobody else